The only explanation about the beauty of Ladakh is that if you cannot go to moon, just go there. Beyond this the words end.

Commonly described as Crown of India, Ladakh is the land of high passes, salt lakes, large glaciers, richest Buddhist Monasteries and its moonlike landscape. The beauty remains scattered here and there. Entirely different form the other parts of India, Ladakh holds a precious status for a tourist as the access to the region is not easy. You may fly into Ladakh but the chances of Mountain sickness demand at least a day to allow you to get acclimatised. To avoid that follow the best way, if time permits, and drive through the high passes, deep gorges, remote villages and vast plateaus that served as lakes once upon a time.

Ladakh is a home of challenges and both, the drive and the beauty, are breath taking. The geographical carvings that occur due to wind and water erosions hold a stunning attraction for the viewer. The high altitude lakes, mainly glacier fed, are the main sources of various streams and the rivers are some of the jewels of this Crown of India.

Ladakh is also the land of Buddhism. Nearly one thousand years ago Renchen Zongpa, a teacher from Tibet had set up the Buddhist education centres across Indian western Himalayas. Some of them like Hemis, Likir, Lamayuru, Alchi, Stakna and Dishkit are still there, serving are one of the biggest Tibetan education centres.

Ladakh shares is borders with China and Pakistan, therefore remains under the threat from these two countries. Siachien glacier – the highest battle field in the world is to its western tip. A visit to the base of Siachein can be the highlight of the trip.

Ladakh remains open only for a few months of the year from June till September and this is the best time to visit and explore the region.

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